Sunday, September 16, 2018

A Few Fall Worthy Pins!!!

As I was sitting and browsing Pinterest I found some amazing pins for fall decor that I thought you all who I know are super crafty might like! Remember, I do not own these pins and you should always check out these amazing pinners, bloggers or the sites they come from! I just know since I am busy trying to find some ideas you might be as well so one mom helps another!

Decorating your table, mantle or cabinet tops are a great way to decorate for the fall!

Easy things that will not blow your budget!

Oh, btw Printables are an amazing thing for a cheap and easy decorating! I get frames from goodwill during their half price days or the Dollar Tree and just get them and decorate them for a Dollar! They store well and if you don't want to print out stuff get your craft on and paint these yourself!

My front porch is super tiny! However, it doesn't mean that I can't get my decor on with it! Just have to be a bit creative and work with it!

Remember to get your craft on! A nice token gift or something to add to your decor for years to come!

I love the fall and I love how things can be beautiful and fun! This is one of the most favorite times of the year! I most especially love the fall crafting ideas. So give these amazing pins a try and if you do add a pic in the comments or send me what you did and I will add it to the post!

Blessings and Love,


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Few Fall Tips and Tricks!!

It's that magical time of year where thoughts and hope of finally being able to shut the air conditioner off comes into play... Just Kidding, I live in Florida and guess what that still doesn't happen very much. However, you can learn from a region that has to live with their Air Conditioners on a Lot of the time because you can get some major tips and life hacks to help get your home ready for the fall.  See I am a freak when it comes to some things in Florida and one of them is I want the cold weather. I WILL NOT COMPLAIN!

So let's get ready for the Fall!

1. Just like during the summer months check your draft areas around your home! Why Because your precious Air Conditioning or Heat could be leaking outside and costing you money!. My suggestion if it's around your window frame my favorite product, to date its flex seal. Not bad for an as seen on tv product and that stuff works. It comes in black and white and all you will need to do is to have a steady hand to apply it. Oh, because that stuff is horrible to remove do yourself a favor put some newspaper against the windows to catch the splatter. Also, walk the outside of your home and make sure around the windows is treated from the outside as well. Use your local hardware store sales peoples knowledge for what you can do!

2. Time to clean out that pantry and get ready for the fall goodies!  Take the time to go through your food pantry and cabinets to see what is not good, almost finished and either toss or use up! This is the time of year when companies release the amazing fall seasonal items and you don't want to buy if you already have or have no room to store.  Plus working down the number of items you have in your pantry might save you money and you might discover a meal you would have not thought of before!

3. Take a weekend and start deep cleaning your house now so when it comes to the fall and winter months you're not so rushed when it comes to your holiday cleaning.  We have been in the process of this for a bit now and my house is becoming cleaned out and I love it!

 4. As you're doing the fall cleaning set up some boxes and start getting rid of the stuff you will not need!  As I have been cleaning I have been gathering items to have an online yard sale.  I think I posted over 400 items to sell because we do not use it or need it anymore! I suggest using your local Facebook Marketplace or Sites like OfferUp or craigslist for local sales. If you don't want to go through the time of posting gather for a yard sale. If you're selling online, please be safe and remember all sheriff offices will gladly let you use their parking lots for online sale exchanges across the nation!

5. Get your seasonal decor out and look through it! Not only look through it, but plan on what you're going to use and keep packed away because guess what it will help you get stuff done a lot faster on decoration day. Also now is prime time to buy new stuff if you need to or create some awesome seasonal decor as Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and all major retailers either have out or are putting out their seasonal decor!

6. Put your foot down now as a mom! Yes, I am serious I mean it! Kids accumulate a bunch of crap all year long you know it and I know it and come the holidays they will be gathering a bunch more crap. It's mom 101 there so if your kids are five and over its time to either do a good thing or a smart money thing! Clean out the kids room now before the holidays and decide what to do with it. As I said in #4 might be a good way to make a little extra holiday spending cash. Or if you want rid of it go  take your gently loved items and ask your school or local charity if they would accept them for the holiday giveaway!  Moms and dads of teens listen up that means the older teens as well. Those clothes that they don't want to wear well guess what call your local high school and ask if they have a pantry for teens. I found out my local school did and the really nice stuff they gave away at the holidays as gifts for parents who could not afford Christmas.  That being said, they also gave clothes to kids that need it as well during the school year.  Around the holidays even my own gift store and online yard sale help out by either donating a ton or selling locally at greatly reduced rates. I am not a Grinch, but please remember a lot of people who sell online sell because they have to, and have made it a part time job to support their families.

As for your kids that are under the age of five I know they can be attached and so can you but seriously do you want the clutter? Hire a local teen or see if grandma or auntie or even uncle can take the babies for a few hours and get through that room(s) as much as you can. Keep a box for donating, a box for sale and a bag for garbage and MAKE SURE that those boxes are gone before the kids come back home! If they are out of sight I guarantee you they won't even remember.

7. It's not only the kids mom and dad! Go through your stuff as well and choose if you want to keep, donate, sell or give away.  Those size 6 dresses don't need to be in your size 10 closets anymore, face reality fast. Do you really need fifteen blankets in your closet? Does hubby need forty two tee-shirts? Do you need twenty boxes of crafting supplies you are not going to use. Donate or sell it and reclaim your home! With the temperatures starting to drop it would also be a good time to clean out the shed, attic, garage or basement as well to get rid of the stuff just sitting there.

8. I have a few friends that are professional photographers and one of the biggest complaints they tell be about this time of year is that people wait too long to get their holiday pictures done.  Schedule now before all the good appointments are booked and get it done and out of the way. Get them back early enough and you could have them in the mail to family and friends starting from the first of December! Oh, and on top of the pictures do you want to send Christmas cards, but don't want to spend a fortune on them?  Get creative and make your own as a fun weekend project or if you're crafty go to the Dollar Tree and get a few boxes of their cards and embellish for the most special people in your life!

9. Are you planning on going away for the holidays or a trip any time during the holidays? Now would be the time to get those plans made as well because flight fares will start going up soon and if your driving you might want to start making hotel plans! I am a planner and trust me, I know it can be a pain to arrange for a family.

10. When it comes to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you better believe I have made the plans already for what I am doing with the kids. I already have part of the menu done for this year and what I want and who I want there.  If you usually have family come to your home or you go there start the conversations like who is doing what and by the time it comes around it should be less stressful! 

The holiday season is not there to stress you out, but to make sure you are having a fun time with your nearest and dearest ones!  Before Halloween I always consider it my prep time so I can be active with my kids all holiday season and if this advice helps anyone than I have done my job!

Much Love and Blessings,


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Huge Apology!

Hi everyone and I am finally starting to get this section of the blog back in order and I have to apologize life has been going at insane crazy speeds and I am finally making it slow down so I can get everything back in order! Thank You so much for your support and the newest Tip and Tricks will be here very very soon!!!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Recycled Gifts!

No, I do not mean giving people the gifts you did not like. Although, let's be honest if your like me and someone gives you a great gift but it's the wrong size... I won't ask for a receipt so I have been known to regift or I been also known to rework a item to make it mine. But I am letting myself get away from the main point of this blog post.

I use older items to make brand new things. Oh you love those ovenmits I made you? Well, they were a sweater a few days ago. Oh, That nifty new rug in the kitchen? Yeah, that was made out of old socks I been collecting for a while. Why? Because, who really wants to send pounds of garbage to the dump.

So, Let's get started shall we? We have 119 days until Christmas so let's get some crafting on!! Listed below are 10 great Pinterest links of recycled crafts you can do with everyday items you probably have sitting around the house. Some of these crsfts are great for doing a family activity with the kid's. Please remember to show these amazing pinners love by following them on Pinterest or thier Blog's.

  1. Snowman Everything!
  2. Reusing Old Jars!
  3. Recycled Paper Gifts!
  4. Gifts Made From Old K-Cup Holders
  5. Old Wine or Bear Bottles
  6. Salt Dough
  7. Decorations and Mini Gifts
  8. Old Sweater Craft's 
  9. Use Those Old Jeans
  10. Plastic Bottle Crafts

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Getting Your Home Ready For Cooler Months!

Okay,  I know what your thinking. Yes, I do love in a oven however quite a bit of my readers do not. So I took to the lists when i saw my garden savey cousin start mentioning the cooler mornings. So I decided we could all look and see what winter prep any of us could do.

One suggestion that seems to come across all the lists and suggestions I have seen is prepare to caulk and weather strip your windows. Hey people that live in a oven guess what it works with keeping the A.C. in as well.

If you have a fireplace now would be a great time to get it cleaned and maintained as well if you use it regularly during the winter. Also if you have snowblower and chainsaws you keep handy for winter weather it would be a great time to have it repaired just in case. Who really wants to be stuck without especially if you need it?

Another great thing to do is get those rain gutters cleaned out repaired and if needed rescreened and painted. Being proactive could save you time and money especially if they have become loose with summer storms.

As long as your in a cleaning mood I would suggest cleaning out any of your spare space heaters as well as any vented or gas heaters.

Maintain that lawn as well! Us people in the south don't worry about snow but keeping our lawn maintained and weeds gone helps us with a lot of upkeep. Personally for me i like keeping a short lawn during the winter to make sure its not a lot of extra work.

Winterize your pipes! Spend the extra money and get those pipes ready for winter so you don't need to worry about burst pipes and floods.

Another suggestion I saw which made me laugh because I have seen family and friends cook on the grill with eight foot snowbank. But maintenance is a good idea this time of year especially with a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Do you have outdoor items that you'll be putting away after labor day? I would suggest you start prepping where you will be putting it to make it easier on yourself when storage time comes.

 Remember to also door a roof check soon. Loose tile or shingles can make for a very expensive repair. Get ahead of the game now and be prepared. Also while your up there if you see any branches hanging low I would suggest cutting them back so a winter storm does not cause damage to your roof.

These suggestions are not just a Northern state thing either.  I been working on getting my property taken care of because you never know when bad weather or cool weather might come in.

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Count Down Till The End Of School Year

Mom and Dads DO NOT PANIC!!
This is just a helpful reminder!

Most moms (and dads) know what this means!  Kids will be home all day every day for summer vacation which means your semi-clean house will resemble a hurricane or some other catastrophe.  Well, there are some things we moms (or dads) can do to get the house in order for the kick off to summer vacation.  First things first don't worry about it! Being with your kids is the most important thing so seriously make memories and don't worry about the mess.  But before the last day of school, there are a few easy things you can do to help take the stress off of cleaning your house over the summer.

1. Go through their closets and clothes ahead of time.  You know those pants were getting a little snug for them and will not make it until next year go ahead now and pull them and set them aside.  Why you're at it do a once over on their dressers as well. You might as well hit your closet as well and just get it done.

2. Do a quick once over in the bedrooms and then the playrooms, pull the stuff you know the kids do not play with and put them aside as well.  It will be easier with the kids not being there.

3. If you have a home office and have already decided that's where you will be for any portion of the day go in and do a good cleaning. Why because you are going to be in there for part of your day you will want to have it clean.  Also if space allows for it put mommy or daddy friendly snacks in there.  That way you don't have to run all over the place. Your office is where you work and your kids need to understand that is your space and you need your time to do things as well. 

4. Before the kids are out for good now is a great time to also do a deep clean in the living room and dining room because it will hold up better through the summer months and then you can do another deep clean after school restarts again.

5. Another big area you should get down and dirty with before school ends are your mud and laundry rooms.  This is the room the kids will trample through the most.  Laundry from the beaches or day trips come here and for most people, this is a main entry point of the home. Be cautious and just deep clean it make your life a bit easier on yourself.

6.  The last room you really need to hit is your kitchen.  Find out what you need, make a master shopping list and get yourself organized.  That way you have no problems with school out and realizing you have out of what you are going to need.

All the things you pulled you have a choice you could donate or have a yard sale.  If you start with the yard sale you will have money later on for some summer adventures. Then after your sale, you could donate or just post on Facebook in a sale group free come get it all. I guarantee you someone will come get it from you.

But the most important thing with summer vacation have fun and make memories.  As a mom who keeps asking where the time goes with children at all stages of school life have fun and relax. Have a great summer everyone!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post Christmas Cleaning

As we finish our Christmas celebrations and the New Year is upon us most of us are starting to think of their New Year's resolutions.  I know on most New Year's resolutions list are the basics lose weight, be a better person and one that is always on my list organize the house after the holidays.  Now I know for some of you single peeps that is an easy day or two cleaning sprees.  But for some of us people it is an, oh my god my kids are home we wait till they head back to school cleaning spree.  Let's face it most moms who do this work full or part time jobs plus go to school.  This doesn't include the fact that most moms are actually taxi cabs and we are always on the move.  So how can we really make a go at this beginning of the year cleaning spree?  Well as a mom of four kids at home that not only works full time at a company, I work part time from home as well as working on my own company. The best suggestion is getting a plan.

When I start making my plans to get my great clean on I have a bunch of different factors that go into the planning.  Living here in Florida I have to consider the weather or if the kids are going to be home, and my work schedule.  I then also consider if I am going to be working on the outside of the house as well as the inside of the house.  So after I answer all of my questions and get a plan in my head I decide to put pen or pencil to paper.  I usually will draw a picture of my house and make pointed notes inside and out all over my drawing, such as in my room I make a note to make sure the dresser gets cleaned out or working the full shelving unit.  My list also includes cleaning the walls, cleaning fans, and spraying for bugs and starting the year off with a clean slate.

But to some people cleaning out the house can mean different things to different people.  Such as people clean out the clothes from their closets and dressers.  Or for some people getting the garage cleaned out makes them awesome!!  For me, one of my weird winter cleaning to-dos is actually me planting the seeds to make my starter plants for my garden and moving my garden (since it's all in pots) from inside to outside.

The most important thing is to do what makes you happy to get your New Year off to a clean fresh start.  So good luck on your New Year's Resolution and you're cleaning.  For myself, I have my own New Years cleaning to do.  So I better get to making my list I have a ton to do!

Happy New Years